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An event manager's job is to think of all the things no one else thinks of. I'm really good at that.




I am an experienced event producer and communications manager. In the past eight years, I have managed more than 100 events. Working in higher education and with small businesses and non-profits, I've managed a wide range of events including red carpet galas, art exhibitions, public lectures, pop-up shopping markets, multi-day conferences, and student fashion shows. 

My project management style is efficiency-driven, budget-conscious, sustainability focused, and, above all, committed to the client's vision. My areas of expertise include:

  • Public programs

  • Nonprofit fundraising

  • Event marketing 

  • Corporate partnerships

  • Art & design installations

  • Film and photo shoots

  • Creative direction

  • Banquets and dinners

I am available for freelance projects in LA and beyond. Want to work together? Click below to drop me a note!

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